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For a Brief Moment | movieverse!Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers | G | 295 w

The base was having a Halloween Party to help boost morale. As an officer, Peggy was given an order to attend. Luckily for her, one of the girls was able to lend her a rented fancy, strapless dress along with the matching high heels. Peggy had a pair of elbow length opera gloves to add and the Hollywood Starlet costume was rather an easy one to create.


She turned to see Steve dressed in a white toga.

"Bucky helped me," he said as her eyes wandered along his impressive and exposed physique. He smiled sheepishly, "It's just a sheet and rope. But you," his eyes traveled down the length of her dress until he caught himself and his gaze returned to meet hers. "You look...so...really nice."

"Thank you," she smiled at him. "You look really nice as well."

He wanted to ask her to dance. All the couple on the floor looked like they were having lots of fun, but he didn't know how to swing and he'd hate to ruin her night because she had a terrible dance partner. He scratched the back of his head.

"I'd ask you to dance, but-"

"We can go for a walk?"

"You would be okay with that?"

She took his arm and led his outside the large tent. They could still hear the music, but it was low enough that they were able to carry on a conversation. Peggy asked him about Brooklyn, he asked what she did before the war, and when Steve held her hand in his and she smiled, he smiled, too. For the next few hours they were able to pretend a horrible war wasn't going on and they were simply a man and a woman getting to know each other.

On The Same Page | Batgirl!Barbara Gordon/Robin!Dick Grayson | G | 245 w

Batgirl punched the last of Penguin's thugs. Robin tied him up with all the others.

She had given their Halloween plans a lot of thought over the past few nights and finally, she said, "I don't think this is a good idea."

Robin laughed, "But it was your idea."

"I know! It's just..." She looked over at him. They were friends now and she didn't want to ruin that. If they tried... dating... and it didn't work out, rooftops were going to be awkward.

"We're not going to ruin anything," Robin insisted, as if reading her thoughts. "We're always going to be friends, you and I. This is just something fun we can do. As friends if you want!" he added quickly. He might have a crush on her, but he truly liked this redhead beyond that. Besides, patrolling was so much more enjoyable with her than with Bruce.

Yes, Barbara thought, they could be mature about it. Well, she could, anyway.

"When you'd get so smart?" she teased, her hands on her waist.

"I've always been wise beyond my years," he replied, grinning.

That's one thing she liked about him, he was the picture of modesty.

"Okay," she smiled, "I'll see you at the Wayne Halloween Party."

"Great! Try not to be more than a little fashionably late!" he winked and swung away.

Now that that was out of the way, Batgirl still had one more problem; what costume was she going to wear?!

A New Experience | Golden Age!Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor | G | 215 w

It was her first such event in man's world. She had been looking forward to the night and finally, it arrived. Etta helped with her costume, making Diana look exactly like a dime novel detective, fedora and all.

Diana walked in through the large entryway and it was as though she had been teleported to another world. One where witches were laughing along with glittering fairies, where Dr. Frankenstein smiled and drank with his monster, and where police officers danced with gangsters. Vampires and cowboys and wizards joined them.

Diana was transfixed by with the sights and sounds before her.

"It's almost like a dream," she whispered.

Steve leaned in close, "Wait until you try the pumpkin bread. Oh, and the punch is delicious!"

"Shall we try them now?" she asked, feeling suddenly like a child again. Diana couldn't help but be in awe of everyone and everything. She tried to memorize all the faces and every taste of the various treats so she could relay every single thing to her sisters when she returned to Paradise Island.

"Thank you, Steve," she said, "For inviting me."

"Thank you, Angel, for accepting."

Later, Diana bobbed for apples, carved a pumpkin, and listened in on a few scary stories. All in all, she had a wonderful time!

After All That Planning | Stephanie Brown!Batgirl | G | 240 w

After many weeks of looking for the right material, the perfect shoes, and the exact hair, she was finally done! Since Steph was in the privacy of her own home, she did a happy dance! She hadn't been this excited in forever, especially since she had put the costume together all by herself. Sure she could have purchased one from many of the Halloween warehouse stores that pop up this time of year, but sixty-five bucks seemed kinda steep. Not to mention the material made her itchy.

Instead, Steph decided to make her own. She even convinced her 6 year old next door neighbor to lend her a little brown terrier as a special prop. The material she found down in the garment district for one dollar a yard was warm and soft. She ended up using three yards. The red shoes she bought in a thrift store for only four bucks already came with a bow and sparkly beads. The most expensive thing was the wig. She could have gotten the used one for only six, but she decided on the new one for twelve.

Once she was out of the shower and dried her hair, she pulled it back into a tight ponytail, so the wig would fit. Next she sat down to do her make-up, nothing too heavy. And finally, Steph was ready for her costume: Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

That's when Oracle called. Trouble downtown. Harley and Ivy, apparently.

Steph sighed and wondered out loud, "There are after-Halloween parties, right?"

Happy Halloween, Everybody! =D
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