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Title: Remembrance
Characters: Steve/Tony
Rating: PG
Word Count: 385
Disclaimer: Marvel Comics and Paramount Pictures own.
AN: For [livejournal.com profile] bradygirl_12 from the Holiday Fic Requests. I wasn't sure if you meant comics or movieverse, but I went with the movieverse, hope that's ok? =)
AN2: No disrespect is meant. If there is anything anyone would like to point out, any questions or concerns, please do let me know.

Since the beginning of December, Tony noticed that Steve had grown withdrawn again. Although Tony wasn't known for giving people their space, he thought this might be one of the times he should. He didn't, however, and sat down on the steps next to the younger (technically older?) man.

"What it is?" Tony asked. "Because something's obviously bothering you."

Steve looked up, his blue eyes filled with unshed tears.

"Whoa," Tony panicked. He was good with a lot of things, but tears weren't his forte. "Let me go call someone." He stood. "Um, maybe Thor? He's good at this stuff. Probably. I'll...be right back."

"Today marks seventy years," Steve whispered.

Tony froze a few steps away.

"Seventy years?" Tony wasn't sure he understood. "Since...what?"

"Since the attack on Pearl Harbor."

Slowly, Tony returned to sit next to Steve.

"A lot of innocent lives were lost," Steve continued, a faraway look in his eye. "You know Bucky was almost stationed over there?"

Steve had told Tony all about his friends during and before the war. He knew all about Bucky, the Howling Commandoes, the infamous Peggy, and even what his own father, Howard, was like in those days.

Steve talked and Tony remained quiet throughout. It seemed maybe the Captain just needed someone to listen. Steve spoke of two friends from Brooklyn who were lost during the first wave. He said that after he heard of the attack, he tried to enlist three more times in a matter of weeks. He admitted he felt helpless and useless and just wanted the war to end.

"War is an ugly thing," Tony said after a long silence. "But, I'm not going to pretend to understand what it was like."

Steve nodded in appreciation.

"But I know there's something we can do. Come on," Tony patted Steve's shoulder.

"Where we going?"

"Just follow me."


Tony, in full Iron Man gear, flew them across the country and over the Pacific Ocean until they reached their destination. When they landed, Steve was overwhelmed by the sight before him. He choked back tears before whispering a quiet, "Thank you."

After a quick hug, Tony left Steve to mourn at the Memorial in private. He didn't go too far, however, because if Steve needed him, he would be there in a heartbeat.
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