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Title: What's In a Name
Characters: Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle, past Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle/Logan
Rating: PG
Word Count: 360
Disclaimer: DC Comics and WB own, plus whoever owns The Avengers and X-men movieverses because it's not me and I'm too lazy to look them up.
AN: For [personal profile] chipsnopotatoes, who I still owe fic from long ago! ^^; Also, I blame the Oscars for this because just having Hugh sitting next to Anne gave me ideas!!!

There was no denying it, it bothered him. Tremendously. Too much, in fact.

That...name. One name. Either first or last. Or something else entirely. There was no way to be certain.

Or rather, there was one way he could know...

In the middle of the night, when Gotham was surprisingly quiet (and she was away on unexpected 'personal business'), Bruce sat at his computer. Brooding. Debating. Weighing his options.

The name blinked back at him, waiting to be submitted. Possible answers and information waiting to be discovered. His hand trembled ever so slightly. No one might have been able to detect the minute, uncharacteristic spasm, but Bruce would, did. As his finger hovered over the key, itching to press enter, curiosity turning into suspicion, paranoia...


He moved so fast, the chair toppled over. Without a glance back he walked away from the screen and paced the cave, stirring the bats above. His knee began to throb, sending waves of pain shooting up his leg. It barely registered.

This was familiar territory. This had happened before. With Tony. And Yinsen. The name the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist had whispered in the dead of night on more than one occasion.

Bruce had been jealous and hurt and very upset, but mostly jealous. The same swirl of emotions was already growing in the pit of his stomach, churning, twisting, making him question it all.

Nostrils flaring as he inhaled, he shook his head to clear it. No, he would not doubt her. Not after everything. Not after Talia and Bane and the bomb. He would, however, ask about the name she whispered in her sleep two nights ago. After that phone call that left her visibly shaken though she tried to hide it. She was gone the following morning, leaving only a note she knew he would find.

Scowling, Bruce picked up the overturned chair. When Selina returned, he would ask. Because he failed to trust before and it was a mistake he was not willing to repeat. However, the name would continue to haunt him until then.


Bruce had to know what it meant to her.
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