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Title: Impractical
Characters: Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle
Rating: G
Word Count: 160
Warning: SPOILERS for TDKR
Disclaimer: DC Comics, WB, and others owns.
AN: Takes place post TDKR. Written for the [personal profile] batcat_fic comment-a-thon, prompt: Selina pokes fun at Batman's voice, Bruce snarks back about fighting in stiletto boots.

Bruce put the paper down on the table and looked at Selina in disbelief.

"Impractical?" he scoffed. "A fake, raspy, wannabe growl?"

She sipped her coffee and shrugged one shoulder.

"Like I'm gargling rocks?"

She didn't think it would be such a big deal.

"Yes," she smiled, amused that he would be so insulted. She, on the other hand, didn't care what others-

"At least I'm not running around in five inch stiletto boots. Talk about impractical," he murmured.

"Those serve a purpose!" she snapped. She wished she'd been wearing the boots so she could show him just how helpful they could be.

"Besides increasing the likelihood of injuring your ankle, you mean?" he grinned from behind the paper he took up again. "I can design you a better pair."

"You mean Mr. Fox can..." she teased.

Bruce didn't reply.

"Fine. It is a little intimidating," she amended.

He continued hiding his grin behind the paper. "So are those boots."

Title: Quiet
Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle
Rating: G
Word Count: 375
Warning: SPOILERS for TDKR
Disclaimer: DC Comics, WB, and others owns.
AN: Takes place post TDKR. Written for the [personal profile] batcat_fic comment-a-thon, prompt: Alfred watches Bruce and Selina get married.

The tiny baroque church was one of the lesser known in Rome, but it was quite exquisite all the same. Multi-colored marbles, stucco, and detailed guilding exemplified its richness and subdued splendor. And while it was raining outdoors, when Alfred stepped inside, the many candles lit throughout the small space gave it a warm glow.

The church was near empty, only a few scattered people could be seen. Two old women were sitting up front, a few others prayed here and there, and an older gentleman was sitting near the end of the second row with rosary beads in his hands. There was also a couple getting married at the altar.

The groom wore a perfectly tailored, black suit. The bride, a white dress, made of silk and lace, that reached the floor. Her long brown hair hung loose with a simple white pin holding a few strands back.

Alfred sat near the door, listening intently for the couples' vows. The way they looked into each other's eyes as they spoke the words that would bind them forever, Alfred could see that it would not have mattered if the church had been bursting with people, they wouldn't have noticed anyway.

Years of practice allowed him to take a few pictures during the ceremony and one of the newly married couple's first kiss unnoticed. Then, he stood and walked out the side exit quietly to return to his hotel room.

A part of him wished Bruce could have been married as his parents had. Back in Gotham in a big, lavish affair. It was how a Wayne was meant to do it. But another part, the one that watched the boy he helped raise give in to a near uncontrollable monster was simply happy that Bruce was willing to give life another chance.

When he reached his room, Alfred hung his coat. He was tired. After keeping track of them through half of Europe and following them to Rome, he was ready to go back home. As he began packing, he noticed two white envelopes on the small table near the balcony. The first letter read:

Selina and I would appreciate you joining us for dinner.
Via Maggio 16 at 7pm. -BW

The second:

Please bring a copy of the pictures!


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